M.2 SSD Enclosure

Item No.: MC10
Universal Dual Protocol; Zinc Alloy M.2 SSD Enclosure; Robust and Reliable

Zinc alloy frame, 16mm thickness
Generates strong support to protect the internal hard drive from damage

Silicone protective ring to reduce internal vibration
Effectively absorb the impact of external force and keep the damage out

Waterproof and dustproof
Integral design, the interface is equipped with a protective plug, which can prevent water splashing and fine dust from entering

Universal dual protocol
Support NVMe/SATA dual protocol, strong compatibility and stable performance

Transfer 1G in 1 second
M.2 NVMe theoretical speed is 10Gbps
M.2 SATA theoretical speed is 5Gbps

Multiple cooling
Zinc alloy material with three-dimensional ribs, accelerates heat dissipation, makes the hard disk run faster and safer, and also brings texture to the product

M.2 interface standard
Support 4 kinds of hard disks, compatible and powerful

2TB large capacity expansion
Support 2TB hard disk expansion, make the data world bigger

Lanyard data cable
Equipped with a full-featured lanyard data cable, compact and portable

Compatible Devices
Widely compatible with devices with Type-C interface