Magnetic M.2 2230 NVMe SSD Enclosure

Item No.: MC100
M.2 2230 NVMe SSD, 100W Power Delivery, 10Gbps USB3.2

Click on the sticker for easy adsorption

Built in magnetic suction structure, stable adsorption and not easy to fall off

Double sided magnetic suction to adapt to more devices
Can be paired with magnetic power banks or magnetic fans, etc

Lightweight and small enough not to get stuck in the lens
Weighing approximately 59g, it tightly fits the phone

ProRes video recording and storage at the same time
IPhone 15 Pro/Max supports direct external recording and 4K/60Hz ProRes

10Gbps high-speed transmission
USB3.2 Gen2 × 1. Supports fast transfer of large files at 10Gbps read/write speed

M.2 Fast expansion of hard disk interfaces
Supports NVMe 2230 hard drives with a maximum capacity of 2TB

100W PD fast charging
Supports PD3.0 fast charging protocol to charge devices while transmitting

Super capacitor+RTL9210 main control software and hardware dual power-off data protection
Provide an additional power supply of up to 10 seconds. After a power outage, the main control will provide feedback to the host side and send instructions to the SSD side to ensure FTL mapping table updates and cache data writing, protecting data and hard disk security.

Aluminum alloy shell has fast heat dissipation and strong protection
The use of anodizing technology has excellent heat dissipation effect, and aluminum alloy has high strength and effective protection for hard drives

Soft silicone anti slip and non damaging equipment
Whole face silicone protection, slip resistant while protecting equipment

Two data cables are compatible with different models
Whole face silicone protection, slip resistant while protecting equipment