Monitor Stand with USB-C Docking Station

Item No.: ZD1 Pro DP
Monitor Stand For iMac, USB C Hub with Hard Drive Enclosure

Design for iMac
The material / color / function are consistent with iMac, making it more comfortable to use

Dual Screen Expansion
DP1.4 HD Interface

Support 4K/60Hz high resolution, let the Mac Mini and iMac achieve dual screen extended or mirrored

Raise Monitor
More Practical Space

Increase desktop space, whether it's a Mac mini or a keyboard or mouse, you can put it under the stand

SATA+M.2 Hard Disk Interface
It supports 2.5inch SATA hard disk (thickness less than 10mm) and M.2 (NVMe/NGFF) hard disk, and can also expand USB3.0, USB3.1, Card Reader and other interfaces

High Speed Transmission
10Gbps to transmit 1G large files only need 1 second

Alloy & Silica Gel
The alloy material provides excellent support, and the silicone material protects the desktop and anti-skid