USB4 NVMe SSD Enclosure

Item No.: MC40
Big fin strong heat dissipation
ASM2464PD chip
LED display cable
Dual color indicator light
Alloy housing

Big fin strong heat dissipation hard drive operates at low temperatures without noise

Alloy body+finned heat dissipation plate for stronger heat dissipation and more stable operation

The speed of the dual color indicator light is clear at a glance
Green light in USB4/Thunderbolt 3/Thunderbolt 4 mode, white light in USB2/USB3 mode

LED  display full function cable, genuine silicone soft braided cable
Real time display of current, voltage, and power supply, with clear power supply status at a glance

Support 4TB expansion for large capacity on-demand storage
Supports 4TB expansion, easily accommodating photos, videos, music, and documents

40Gbps data transmission, transmitting large files in seconds
USB4 interface, transmission speed up to 40Gbps, easy transmission without waiting